How to Do Triceps Dips? | Benefits and common mistakes

Depending on how they are performed, triceps dips can be a very good exercise not only for developing the triceps, but also for developing the delts and pecs. So much so, that some compare them directly to squats for their many benefits for muscle growth and strength.

But, leaving aside its great effectiveness and its many benefits, the triceps dips are quite a demanding exercise and require a good prior warm-up of the shoulders and the general upper body.

How to do triceps dips?

Muscles involved: triceps, pectoralis major / minor, anterior / lateral / posterior deltoids.

Equipment needed: dips machine, parallel bars, chair, bench or raised and stable platform (for example a step).

Technique on machine or parallel bars:

  • Adjust the bars to a suitable height that allows you to get on and off safely and with a spacing between bars approximately the width of your shoulders.
  • Rest your palms on the bars and hold them tightly, palms facing your body (neutral grip).
  • With the only support of your hands on the bars, raise your body up until you fully stretch your arms, leaving the shoulders on the elbows and these on the wrists. This is the initial position.
  • Lower your body in a controlled manner until your upper arm is parallel to the ground or, depending on your joint mobility, even lower.
  • Return to the starting position in a controlled way and without swaying or fussing with your legs.

Chair or step technique:

  • Sit on the floor directly in front of the platform you are going to use and place the “heels” of your hands on the edge of the platform, with the tips of your fingers facing your body.
  • From that position, fully extend your arms, keeping your shoulders in line with your elbows and wrists. This is the initial position.
  • Lower your body in a controlled manner until your upper arm is parallel to the ground. You can rest your feet on a raised platform to increase the intensity of the exercise.
  • Push your hands into the starting position in a controlled way.

Common mistakes

Leaning too far forward

This can increase the load on the pecs, taking workload off the triceps. If your goal is to use triceps dips as one of the chest exercises in your routine, leaning forward is fine, but if your goal is to primarily work the triceps, you should keep your torso as upright as possible.

Swinging or moving your legs

These actions can be a sign that your upper body is not yet ready to handle such a workload. Dedicate yourself to strengthening your upper body muscles with other more functional exercises until you are ready to tackle the triceps dips with good technique. For performance enhancement, you can buy legit human growth hormone.

Going down too much or too fast

Going too low could cause discomfort in the shoulder joint, so it is best to lower until your upper arm is parallel to the ground or even reduce the range of motion until you have mastered the technique. Going down too fast can also put an undue load on the shoulder joint and reduce the time on the muscles under tension.

Misplacing your hands

Using too wide or narrow a parting of the hands can also cause discomfort and excessive load on the shoulder joint. Ideally, use a parting that is roughly shoulder-width apart.

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