Which Hair Colour Suits Me – How to Know

Before taking a colour plunge, it is important to consider a few things. You all must be having Hair Goals and Hair dreams too. Since we all have seen our favourite entertainers and actors in coloured hair, slaying in that look – it surely made us all happy and jealous at the same time. The love for Hair colour is a fantasy for most of us.

Sometimes the hair disaster of our friends scares us badly. Fingers crossed – hope you never come across any such horrific hair experience. Hair colour goals surely tempt you, but how could you compromise with the “must-count” rules? No one should.

You would never want to look back at your pictures and regret your decision of going for a new look, for this you should take this hair mission forward wisely. The thought of taking your hair two shades up either way needs quite a good attention and process of understanding as it is going to redefine your personality with Adore Hair Colours. It is always good to be sure that the hue of choice works with your current texture, skin tone and yes, your healthy hair too. You would always carry mountain-sized doubts on your head till you do it rightly.

A Question, Which hair colour suits me – How to know has always been wandering in your head. It is time to make your hair makeover journey smoother and shimmering, just like your “dream-hair”. We have many jaw-dropping tips to share with you and give all the questions a full-stop.

1. First step – consider your skin tone:

Before rushing to your favourite salon nearby and demanding the exact shade you saw on your super-hot star’s Instagram account, make sure that you have understood and explored your skin tone, first. Pick a hair colour which is just opposite to your skin tone. For example, if you have cooler skin tone – Go for cool beige, ash, warm beige, mahogany reds, chocolatey brunettes to get the highlighted finish touch and look.

The colour you chose for your hair should complement the skin tone at the same time. The easiest way to determine as to what will work for you is to find out the colour of your veins. If your veins are purple or blue, you are cool; if they are greenish, you are warm. If you see both, you must be having a neutral tone. The best thing about having a neutral tone – you can easily turn shades of your hair. Congratulations!

2. Be consistent with the maintenance:

If you are one amongst budget-conscious people, ombre-balayage would be the right choice for you as it doesn’t demand frequent care and touch-ups. Utilize your natural colour with the enhancement of highlights located on the ends so that it complements your skin tone. If you have a dark starting base colour that drastically contradicts the highlights, you would need a frequent visit to the salon for touch-ups.

3. Prefer Colour safe products:

We always suggest to take good care of your hair after colouring, why waste the pennies you’ve spent to get this makeover by being careless in taking care of your brand new hair? All you need to do is make a deep conditioning mask your best friend. Your hair will love you even more. Every time you wash your hair, give your hair good therapy. Keep a check on your hair shampooing pattern, are you washing it more than two times a week. If yes, please try eliminating the number of times you wash your hair.

4. Consider the season too:

So the thumb rule is to know your mane and pick richer warmer shades for the winter and the light tones for warmer times of a year. Darling, if your mane is already dried and fried due to the sun exposure you really need to drop this idea right now because considering the health of your hair is equally important. Shower good care on your hair.you must have received satisfying answers to all “Which colour suits me – How to know”. Ask this no more!

5. Decide on your hair cut before colouring

A pair of scissors will bring clarity in your thoughts before colouring your hair. Trust us! Getting a cool rock chick hair cut will make it all look easy for you before deciding on hair colour. Well maintained, pampered, newly cut, and healthy texture plays a vital role in enhancing this colour experiment with your hair and helps to make your fantastic choice. If you wish to go for dying your mane, take a good haircut before that and not after it. Also, keep your hairstylist in the loop as to what you have planned for.

6. Rules for colouring hair at home – TOP TIP

If at all, you have planned a hair colour at home, then we would not stop you but will surely request you to know as to what you are doing before you whip the dye for the final stage.

At a time move only one or maximum two shades lighter or darker at once. Go step-by-step. You would explore and know more about your beloved hair.

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