Know-How You Can Do Decorations Of Your Place Using Air Plants

You can find things which are not known to you in different areas. There can be different things in nature in different climate conditions which can surprise you and one of them is air plants. Air plants are plants that grow without soil. These plants are native to the places where there is humidity in the air and the white-colored hair on the leaves in these plants which are called trochins absorb moisture from the air. The roots of other plants do the job of absorbing nutrients and water from the soil whereas the roots of air plants hold the branches of the trees so that the plants do not fall. There are many varieties of air plants, some of which are native to deserted areas or some which are native to forests. How amazing is it to know that other living beings can also adapt themselves to any environmental conditions just like humans?

You should do the decorations using plants that you can bring to your house by getting theonline delivery of indoor plants because these are useful for the environment and are not so costly. You should have these living beings at your home, not the decorative items of metals, clay, or wood which are non-living as these add liveliness to a place. Some people do not grow plants because they find it time-consuming to clean the mess of soil and they get less time to look after their plants, hence air plants are the solution for all their problems because these plants are easy to maintain. These are so versatile that these can grow anywhere until they are getting enough light and water. You can place them in any form which is not in the case of other usual plants. The following are some of the ways by which you can beautify your house using air plants.

Using planters bought from the stores

You can place them in the ceramic planters of cute designs. The plants should be placed in such a way that these can be removed easily because if these will not be removable then you will have to water the plant with the help of mist which can be time-consuming for you. The other way to water the air plants is to soak them in any container full of water so that the leaves can observe the water for the time they are soaked in. You can easily take the plant and soak it in the water but you cannot lift the pot which is attached to the plant for soaking the plant in the water because it can be heavy and can also damage the plant. However, if you buy the pot made of light material like plastic or wood then you can easily lift the pots for soaking the plant into the water which is done for watering the plant and this is done in the case if you have attached the plant to the pot. The planters of plastic and wood are also available in beautiful designs which you can try on online stores These should be in the colors which look amazing in your house

Using eggshells

This should be the cheapest way of ornamentation using an air plant as you will only have to bear the cost of air plants which you purchase doing the online shopping of plants People who eat non-vegetarian food usually eat eggs and throw away the eggshells which day can use for holding air plants. The technique is the same as in the case of urchins which is making a hole at the bottom of the eggshell to insert thread

Using urchins

Urchins are the outer shells of a small sea creature that can be used to place the air plants and this is quite easy as well as an economical way to do the ornamentation using air plants. You should make a hole on the bottom of the urchin at the center so that you can insert a thread for hanging the plants. As air plants do not need soil so these can be hung downwards or in any direction. Thus, you can make a beautiful pattern of hanging air plants using urchins. Plants can be e place in such a way that these can be removed

Using wood

You can decorate your walls using air plants which are not the case with other plants. The air plants are attached to a wooden board and the board is hung on the wall. There are many ways by which you can attach the air plants to these boards but you should prefer those methods in which you can remove the plants easily for watering purposes and one of them is attaching the plants with the help of wires. However, you should be careful that you do not use copper wires as these wires can harm the plants. For attaching the plants you should make holes in the board using a drill and then you should attach both ends of the wire by leaving some space for the air plants to fit in.

Using glue

If you want to attach the plant with the help of glue then you should not apply glue on the leaves of the air plant because it can damage the foliage of the leaf on which the glue is applied and the result would be that the leaf would get damaged and the plant will fall off. You should apply the glue on the bottom part of the air plants which are its roots. You should also be careful while selecting the glue for the air plants as you should not use strong glue which is used for other materials rather you should buy the one which is recommended for these plants.

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